The Welcome Project has been developed by Catalyst (formerly SAdAS) and began in April 2013. Catalyst is an independent charity which has been in operation for over 30 years. Services offered are related to drugs and alcohol and also wellbeing work. Other areas include criminal justice work through borough funding and counselling services across the county. Catalyst and The Welcome Project team work in partnership with other charities and volunteers to provide a variety of activities, support, guidance and opportunities for people who feel isolated, have lost their focus, suffer from anxiety or need a change of direction and live in the areas of Guildford, Waverley or Surrey Heath between the age of 18 and 65. 
We work closely with Oakleaf, Guildford Action and Voluntary Action South West Surrey who are well established charities in Surrey. The Welcome Project also supports the Canterbury Care Centre in Guildford and Open Mind Club in Frimley Green.

In Godalming The Welcome Project manages a bookshop called 'A Novel Idea'. The bookshop is situated in Queen Street in Godalming selling high quality fiction, non-fiction and children's books donated by the residents of Waverley. It's a thriving business which runs entirely by volunteers. People have been supporting the bookshop for 20 years by donating books and visiting the shop.


Our aim and mission 

Unlocking potential and supporting people to overcome life challenges.

One in 4 of us experience mental health problems every year. We believe that nobody should face mental health problems on their own, experience stigma or discrimination. We all have the right to be well both mentally and physically. 


What we do

We provide services and support that focuses on people’s needs to regain their power and strength, lead a well-balanced life, maintain and increase their feeling of well-being. We accept referrals from GPs, CMHRSs and other charities, service providers. And people can self-refer as well.


Why we do it

We all feel less than fine at some time in our lives and often we can feel lonely, stressed, bored or at our wits end. We are not medics, not trying to sell you anything and not on a mission to convert you, we are just genuinely interested in making your world a better place.