The Welcome Project team work in partnership with other charities and volunteers to provide a variety of activities, support, guidance and opportunities for people who feel isolated, have lost their focus, suffer from anxiety or need a change of direction.

The Welcome Project is free and is for:

  • Working age adults
  • Anyone living in Waverley, Guildford, Surrey Heath, Spelthorne, Runnymede, Woking and West Elmbridge
  • Anyone wanting to improve mental health and wellbeing

The Welcome Project offers:

  • 1 to 1 support
  • A range of group activities
  • Advice and signposting to other support
  • A friendly environment
  • Support for the mental health wellbeing

Getting Support

Getting referred and accessing the support is simple. We accept self-referrals, GP referral and referrals from other organisations. To find out more information please visit our referral page.

Our Partners

The Welcome Project works closely with partners to offer a wide range of support and activities. For more information on our partners, please visit our partners page.

Our aim and mission 

Unlocking potential and supporting people to overcome life challenges.

One in 4 of us experience mental health problems every year. We believe that nobody should face mental health problems on their own, experience stigma or discrimination. We all have the right to be well both mentally and physically.

What we do


We provide services and support that focuses on people’s needs to regain their power and strength, lead a well-balanced life, maintain and increase their feeling of well-being. We accept referrals from GPs, CMHRSs and other charities, service providers. And people can self-refer as well.

Why we do it


We all feel less than fine at some time in our lives and often we can feel lonely, stressed, bored or at our wits end. We are not medics, not trying to sell you anything and not on a mission to convert you, we are just genuinely interested in making your world a better place.