"I felt assisted in a big way to make positive new steps in my future when I felt extreme doubt. I am now following studies into Art that I never conceived would be possible or confident enough to investigate on my own."

"A lifeline provided by no other service, competent, caring, cheerful staff. Prompt response in times of crisis, champions of best interest of their clients."

"The Welcome Project is a safe place for me where I can go when life gets difficult for me."

"Very friendly atmosphere.  A member of staff has helped me on a one to one to boost my confidence.  I have got more self-belief. The companionship and hobbies encouraged me to feel part of the group."

"It gives me structure and prevents me focussing on my problems too much. It helps me interact with people as I live on my own."

"Gives me somewhere to visit and spend quality time. Great courses/workshops too. Improved my understanding of physical health in relation to mental health improvement."

"My overall quality of life is improved by meeting people with the same problems and having activities which help relax me and make me more at ease."

"More able to socially interact and I realise I am not alone."

"Having someone to talk to and keep some perspective helped. I was always encouraged to stay physically active which also helped make me go outside so that I wasn’t always at home."

"The welcome project has given me options to recover and re-build my confidence. It has opened new doors."